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Happy people at work

The mission of “making our customers happy” has actually a basic requirement: we need to make sure that “our front line people are happy as well”. To make sure that they are excited when coming to work , even when some of the days might be challenging.

Therefore it is often the managers’ task to keep their people happy, motivated, cheerful and excited. This starts by selecting the right people for the specific job, coaching them, praising their achievements and giving constructive feedback where/when needed.

Often it is easier to ‘destroy’ people’s motivation than to restore it. Understanding and caring of how people feel, what they need, what they fear, can help managers to maintain and reinforce their positive attitude.

Managers are able to create a supporting and cheerful environment that will inspire their people to take good care of their customers and help the entire business to grow further.

In these missions we mainly focus on helping Managers (esp. Middle Level Managers), mainly on

  1. Understanding their role (i.e. how to enable their teams to create a memorable & joyful customer experience, ideally without their close supervision)
  2. Encouraging them about the impact that their role can have. The energy they give to their people, comes often back amplified through their teams and clients.
  3. Practicing in a safe & fun (training) environment all the different scenarios they might face at work.

Whoever is happy will make others happy too.
Anne Frank

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