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Happy Customers

“Making customers happy” is the mission of front line people. People that interact frequently with clients have plenty of opportunities to make a difference.

Experience shows that people usually do not lack ability to make a difference. True listening, caring about clients, being proactive, responsive, understanding their emotional status, embracing their deepest needs, go beyond skill and ability. It is about front line people’s attitude.

An attitude of empathy and excitement when interacting with customers, a genuine intention to make them feel good. Customers continue to buy not just because they need a specific product or a service. They seek a unique experience. An experience of joy, enabled by the people that provide the product or the service.

When working with front line employees our aim is twofold

  1. To equip front line people with the necessary skills to understand and satisfy customer needs, to create opportunities for more business, for expansion and growth.
  2. And more than this to ignite in them (front line people) the excitement of interacting with clients, going the extra mile, feeling and disseminating joy to their customers, creating an extraordinary experience that reinforces customer loyalty and “word of mouth”.

“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.”
Victor Hugo

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